Spice Up Your Life

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought a ticket to the viewing party for the 20th Anniversary of Spice world. For those who don’t know it’s the movie featuring The Spice Girls. Although like many of my friends I was way too young to appreciate the spice girl era, they were still highly relevant and prominent later on in my life. In year six I even played posh spice in my school production.

Walking into Clapham Grand we were met with hundreds of spice girl- fanatics. The room was packed and it was only by a helpful hint by the security that we managed to find two seats at the top level of the theatre. While I’m not one to be underdressed, In fact, I always think its good measure to be overdressed. I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed at my completely boring and mundane outfit. Was I the only one who did not dress up as my favorite spice girl? Everywhere you looked girls (and boys) had taken the time to bring the girls alive in costume. I wanted to be a part of it, let’s be honest how often do you get the chance to play dress up in your twenties?

The movie was hilarious, and throughout its the entirety I had to keep reminding myself that while I thought the storylines were unimaginable and unrealistic. This movie followed the same formula as every other teenage pop film I watched growing up. I remember loving those films as well. Watching Spice World in the theatre you could barely hear the actual audio of the film. The entire duration of it you could hear girls reciting the lines word for word. A bad guy appeared, they would boo. A spice girl appeared they would cheer. I became so mesmerized by watching the crowd I don’t even think I watched a lot of the movie.

During the interval (yes there was an interval for a 90-minute film) London’s Best Gerri impersonator (Ginger Spice) drag queen ran a look-alike competition and following this an orchestra played the groups most iconic tracks. This would have had to be one of the coolest events I had been to, and it was only twelve pounds.

What I have found by going to events like this is that money is always well spent. While it’s out of the ordinary and not something you would think to do on your Saturday night. It exposes you to experiences that you previously may have thought to be  unimaginable. To me, this is living life to the fullest while I’m here in London. Taking part in experiences I wouldn’t necessarily do at home or even have the chance to. I can’t wait to see where I end up next!


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