Life Lessons

The state of limbo

New Year’s Day, it’s the day for resolutions. The day for change, the day we can attempt to become the person we set out to be for the year that follows. (Probably the day after if you were hungover.) For me, I couldn’t have been further from that way of thinking. I woke up in a […]

The Twenty-Somethings

I am passionate, I am driven, and I am resilient…but I am also so fucking exhausted.  It, at times, can be incredibly tough being in your mid-twenties. Every twenty-something seems to be in a completely different place in life. We are all similar ages but are celebrating different milestones and achievements and facing completely different […]

You Get What You Need

It’s very late or very early, depending on how you look at it. My body refuses to give in to the tiredness that is lingering in my now puffy eyelids.  I can’t sleep, not right now. My mind is too consumed with overthinking. The Rolling Stones are crackling on the record player behind me. A […]

Digital dating: The Facetime Era

Turns out isolation when you are single can get a tad lonely at times, go figure? There have been copious amounts of commentary on how couples are handling isolating together. Some (including my own friends) have agreed that a proposal will be imminent if they make it through this period. They believe if they can get through this, marriage […]

And so the time has come… Goodbye 2019.

Special mention and dedication: Dori. H,  Emme. P. Chanelle. P., Aisha.A, Kim. W, M. Molly.M, Georgia R, Georgia S, Amiee. R, Rosie.C, Penny. J. Adrienne.M, Margherita.B, Josh. M, Jake. S. Nick. L, Phoenix. G, Dean. B. Sam, N.  It’s the early hours of a Saturday morning. I am wearing mismatched pajamas, and I am in […]


Walking back to work, I see a figure drop to the ground abruptly next to me. They are clearly upset, distressed, and they immediately bury their face into their hands. They are now slumped on the ground pressed up against a pole.   I am not alone; there are at least half a dozen other pedestrians […]

Why me?

It is undeniably incredible how a single song can conjure up emotions and memories buried so deeply that even the scars had begun to fade. Not only the lyrics but the notes that accompany them can be reminders of something that was, that is, or that is never going to be. When we are reminded […]

Friendship: what we value

I have a love-hate relationship with polaroids. I love the intimacy and ability to capture a single moment in time that cannot be replicated and that a single photo illustrates a story that can have hauntingly beautiful or painful memories. I, however, loathe the idea that it can also be a reminder of what once […]

The Rough Patch

My cousin looked at me, then down at a text message thread on my phone screen and then turned back to me, “You’re not that girl, don’t make yourself that girl, you know what you deserve, and it’s not that,” she kissed my cheek and walked off. I should have been shocked, maybe even offended […]


I’ve found that life is not only like a box of chocolates but a board game as well. You can’t control the result, but the moves you make determine the outcome. Currently, like myself, a lot of my friends realise that the next decision we make changes our life completely. I think what makes this […]

‘Grief Is The Price We Pay For Love”

Dedicated to My beautiful Nan and my hilariously and equally great Uncle Marky. May you both rest in peace. How do you cope when you lose a loved one while you’re abroad? I’ll start by saying I don’t have the answer nor any remarkable advice. Wherever you are in the world no matter how close […]

Just Like The Movies

While I’m not short on comedic experiences through the dates I have been on in London, I am on the romance. After Leicester boy bolted, and now just insists on playing social media mind games I had sort of given up on romance. It was only about a month and a half ago that I […]

The Balancing Act

I’ll be honest, I thought I could do it all. I thought balancing a full-time internship with my masters and all my extracurricular responsibilities was possible.  I’m young, I’m active and I’m fit- okay the fit part was a blatant lie. Either way, I didn’t think managing work and  responsibilities was going to get to […]

The Red Dress Effect

I moved to London with very specific goals in mind. I wanted to become the person I always wanted to be. Being in a new place with completely new people and new places to explore I had the opportunity to be someone new. Don’t get me wrong while in ways it’s been successful, I still […]

London, Laziness and the Lawyer

I’m back in London after a month away, and let’s just say everything is a bit different. Deep down I knew that was going to be the case. When I left London it was Christmas season, I tolerated the cold weather because the city was lit up and magical. I was also seeing the gorgeous […]

Not Such A Blue Christmas

Anyone that knows me well knows that Christmas is by far my favourite time of year. Everything about it makes my heart skip a beat. I think my deep love for it stems from my childhood. My parents, in particular, always made Christmas a magical time of year for both my sister and I growing […]

A boy and a breakdown

I won’t lie, there have been a few hiccups in the road since moving to London. Some have been small, like forgetting how to turn on the touchpad stove in my apartment. Others have been a bit bigger, like dealing with the stress of submitting my first master’s assignment. I knew that it was going to […]

Spice Up Your Life

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought a ticket to the viewing party for the 20th Anniversary of Spice world. For those who don’t know it’s the movie featuring The Spice Girls. Although like many of my friends I was way too young to appreciate the spice girl era, they were still highly […]

Some Like It …. Classic?

Since moving to London I have finally started feeling like myself. My heart now belongs to the city and I have well and truly fallen in love. I’ve learned to appreciate my interests and taste in music and films. For the first time, I don’t feel embarrassed for being who I am. While Australia will […]

Oh, Darling, I’m Simply Crazy About… You

I am the definition of impatient so the thought of standing in a line for hours on end rattles me to the core.There was one line though that my usually very impatient foot tap came to a complete halt. It was when I queued up with a thousand other fanatics outside the immaculately kept Christies […]